Rapid Advancement

Was founded in 2005 to provide a range of services intended to help community members address emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns. Rapid Advancement maintained that if youths were given a supportive environment in which to cultivate academics and receive counseling services, they would be paving a road to success whether in an academic or vocational setting.

In 2015, Rapid Advancement re-opened a community counseling center in Montebello, CA with an expanded reach of services designed to address vocational concerns and a variety of counseling subjects. At the heart of this program are experienced counselors dedicated to providing each individual with a counseling plan or vocational training plan tailored to fit their needs. We believe we can impact lives and assist people in need by building bridges of support, opportunity and personal accountability. By building these bridges, we hope it will ultimately lead to advancement in education, career and community for each individual who receives our services.

Mental Health Services are provided by trainees who are supervised onsite weekly, by a state approved supervisor