Rapid Advancement Managerial Occupational System, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated in building bridges and forming strong foundations of emotional wellness, through education, empowerment, advocacy and treatment for adults, family and children. With your donations, Rapid Advancement is able to serve our community and its surrounding cities.


Donations aid our organization in building bridges of support that are proven to produce positive change and real life results. All donations are tax-deductible and will be used 100% to support client program participation. We accept any size donation with gratefulness no matter how small or large.

We are also in need of community partners willing to consider sponsoring a family or client for a month to six months so that service can be provided to them which would lead to independent and productive lives.

A donation of $60 will support a person who wants to get off drugs for one week and if you donate $124 for a month we can help stops the downward slide backs to drug addiction.

With the donation of $50 you can sponsor parents who need to learn how to care for their children with responsibility and show responses that lead to healthy children.

For a donation of $150 you can help our lost youth get on the right track and work themselves out of depression and into setting meaningful educational and employment goals.

We are also looking for partners who share our vision. We are in the business of helping families and we need volunteers with all types of skills. We hope that your heart is stirred to help with a monetary donation or with an offer of your time and talent.

Please call 323-727-7907 to meet with us and we can explain how your help would be a real blessing to Rapid Advancement Community Counseling.