Service Model

All services are provided in a secure and confidential setting. Rapid Advancement believes that with our trained staff and implemented programs tailored to every client’s needs, these roadblocks can be navigated and overcome. Let us help you on your road to employment and beyond.

Fees based on a sliding scale and are dependent upon individual income.

Rapid Advancement is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization that provides complete wrap-around community-based counseling services. Our goal is to provide easy access to quality services in a professional and caring environment. We offer services for:

Mental Health
Substance Abuse
Anger Mangement
Domestic Violence
Parenting Classes
Vocational Counseling

Past services have been directed towards readying potential employees for the labor market through vocational counseling. Finding that many individuals experienced employment set-backs due to familial issues (ranging from substance abuse to marriage issues to domestic violence and beyond), we have recently re-opened a community counseling center in the city Montebello to expand professional services by trained and certified counselors to address the roadblocks on the journey to successful employment.